Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Splendor of the Tiny Flowers

"The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness."

Therese of Lisieux

Thinking of spring approaching, I started to think of the beautiful flowers that will be popping out soon. Suddenly, the vision of  a tablecloth I had bought several years ago at an estate sale with flowers embroidered on it danced through my mind.   For some reason I have never used it.......and in a way, I thought it might be inferior to some that I have used over the years.  True, it was pretty, a nice sheer linen fabric, handmade, vintage, and spring flowers embroidered on it,  but there was something about it that made me look "down" on it.  After reading the quote at the top of this page, I suddenly became aware that not everything we own is a "rose" but that does not take away from its beauty or its worth.

I went immediately to the closet and retrieved the above mentioned cloth and examined it closely.  Maybe it was prettier than I had recalled.......but, any rate, it deserved a chance to "perform" and be the basis for a spring tablescape.


As I laid the cloth on the table the sun caught the sheerness of the linen as it floated through the air towards the table, the moment was almost surreal.  It was so delicate and sheer that the embroidered flowers seemed to drift slowly in the air.  This vision made my heart skip a wrong could I have been about this cloth!  You know in life, sometimes, we judge a person or a thing too quickly and then move on, sadly, never to go back and review our decisions.  At least, I have not made that mistake here.  This cloth, although not a "rose", has merit and a beauty all its own......a uniqueness that I can now appreciate.  The cost of an object does not make it perfect or is the aura that it sends forth.

Now I have my beginning of the tablescape, and I like what I see.  The china that I think would be perfect for this is my Theodore Haviland "Apple Blossom".  I adore this china pattern and the delicateness of  the pale pink colors shaded dreamily into the porcelain. 

Recently, I have begun to collect Jeanette pink milk glass.  It was made in the 1950's when I was a whisp of a girl growing up, so it holds some memories for me. The factory only made the pink milk glass for about two years so it is a little rare.   It is the most delicate shade of pink in the entire world.   I thought it would be fantastic to own at least eight of the goblets.  So far, I have only four.  You will notice that today's table is set for "four" because of the fact that only four of the goblets live in my house at the moment.  AND,  "at the moment",  are the key words that Mr. B will pick up on.

The crystal with the cranberry band bordered by gold is another of my favorite things. I have no idea the maker of the crystal.  It was purchased at an estate sale a few years ago.  The color of cranberry glass with the sun streaming through is gorgeous.  I would rather have cranberry glass than diamonds on my fingers, but I did not eliminate blue sapphires.

The wooden plate chargers are from Pier One, and I am loving the style of them.  I think they can be used for casual to more formal settings.

My silver is Francis personal favorite, although any sterling pattern is one that I could live with.   I am just partial to the different fruits on the handles of the flatware.  True it is ornate, but that is another thing I adore about the pattern.  Years ago (51 to be exact) when I graduated from high school, my girl friends and I picked out our sterling patterns and gave each other one teaspoon in each other's pattern.  I can still recall the pattern selected by each friend. .........Gorham's Buttercup, Chantilly, Wallace's Rosepoint, Towle's King Richard .... The funny thing is that some of my friends changed husbands through the years but never their silver pattern!

The silver placecard holder is one of a set, a gift from my mom.  There are a dozen in the set.  The antique cutglass salt was also a gift.....set of eight.  The salt spoon is Francis First to match my flatware.

The Czech floral art glass centerpiece has long been a treasure to me.  It was purchased many years ago from a local antique dealer who is no longer with us, and the piece belonged to her mother.  It was probably made in the 1920's, so not yet a true antique, but close to being 100 years old.  As far as I know it is in perfect condition.  So many of these lovelies did not survive without a few chips along the way. 

The double candlestick is an estate sale find and lovely crystal.  The single candlestick is from a pair that I purchased years ago in Arkansas while living there.  It is pressed glass with crystal prisms.  I like the shape of both.

Setting on the mirrored tray from Target along with the glass floral centerpiece and candlesticks, are a trio of new spring items that every lady adores......a new hat, shoes and purse.  This is part of another collection to be discussed sometime later.

Spring has sprung in my dining room today!   I am not actually entertaining but this would be a lovely table if I were having three ladies for lunch to celebrate a beautiful sunny day when the leaves pop out on the trees and spring flowers peek out of the earth. 

Thank you ever so much for stopping by to visit.  It is always such fun for me to read your comments and get to know you a little better.  Come back any time and............
Have a great week and until next time.......Tea Party Everyday......why not?

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