Friday, June 3, 2011

Willis, My New Sewing Buddy

While visiting my daughter last week, and overseeing her only son, a teenager, I managed to get in some long overdue sewing for her entry hall window.

They have in their home, three dogs, and now a cat that someone "dumped" on them when he was a mere kitten.  Willis, (his new name) has gradually worked his way into the home.  At first, he was an outdoor kitty.  And he had no luxuries.  I am fairly certain that he slept in the garage and had his meals delivered there, also.

Then this spring, during a horrible storm, my daughter allowed him in the utility room for safety measures.  She placed a pillow on top of the clothes hamper and introduced Willis to luxury.  The rest is history......

Now, our Willis, lives in the home, and sleeps on only the best she owns.  He rules the dogs and is King of his castle.

Willis was never far from my sewing machine as he was curious, I suppose.  The whrrrrr of the motor and the dancing of the needle, going up and down, did not phase him.  He seemed perfectly content.  I could hear him purring when I stopped to reposition the fabric.

Dear Sweet Willis ........I think you are a great buddy and a handsome cat!!

Thanks for stopping by today and may ........

you enjoy a "tea party everyday"!!