Friday, February 4, 2011

Painted Coffee Cups for Valentine's Day (completed)

Several days ago I started this project of painting clear glass coffee mugs from the Dollar Tree.  Today I finally finished the project and wanted to share with you the final outcome of my labors.  Actually, the cups are easy to paint and a joy to use.  Also, you have something unique to serve your guests their coffee or hot tea that could never be produced exactly like these......not even by myself. 

Remember I told you that I started with a tray that I purchased at Ross discount store for about four dollars.  The clear glass cups were purchased for one dollar each, making the grand total of about ten dollars for the entire project.  Now if you have to purchase paint and brushes, the cost would be more, but I have all of these supplies.

The patterns that I painted on the cups came from the heart patterns in my tray.  I just copied some of the designs onto the cups. And you do not have to be perfect in your painting.  I read one time that the Victorian quilters always made a mistake on purpose in each quilt they made, to give glory and honor to the Lord as only HE could make something perfect.  That has long since my own motto. 

a closer view of the pattern on the tray

supplies that you will need

paints that you will need

cup one

cup two

cup three

cup four

cup five

cup six

complete set of mugs on tray

Remember to bake on a tea towel lined cookie sheet when finished in a cold over heated to 350 degrees
for thirty minutes.

Now all I have to do is wait until my party on February 14, 2011 and pour steaming hot coffee into the mugs to serve with my cupcakes, strawberries and chocolate fondue.  Yum.....I just adore Valentine's Day!!

Please, come back to visit.  It is always nice to have visitors .


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tablescape Thursday

This my first post for Tablescape Thursday ......within the blog Between Naps on the Porch.  You will find the Tablescape Thursday button on the right to click on and visit Susan's blog to see the tablescapes.

My blog is new and this is actually the third day so I am very new at this and still learning and have so far to go.  Please, be patient and hopefully, I will get better each day.

My first tablescape is for Valentine's Day and is actually for a dinner party that I will be giving for six. The table is set with my everyday dishes, Desert Rose by Franciscan, made by Johnson Brothers in England.  I think the pink blossoms seem romatic and help to soften the red. My dishes are not the vintage ones from the 1940's and 50's, but rather the newer ones.  It seems that some of the older variety of this pattern were found to contain lead....ugh..!! I found it interesting that this pattern, Desert Rose was first introduced the very year I was born.  Perhaps that is why I bonded with it.

The flatware is also Franciscan stainless in the Desert Rose pattern.  The place mats were purchased recently at Kohls while on sale, as were the napkins. The centerpiece is a crystal cut glass eggnog bowl, an antique gift from my mom. The mirrored tray is from Target and still available.  It is a very nice tray to own as you can use it for many things.  I found the mail boxes also at Target in the Dollar Spot.  Before the party, I plan to put each guest's name on the flag and use as the place card.   Each place setting has a box of candy to be taken home as a little present from Mr. Bob and myself.  The candy box is resting in a clear glass heart shaped dish that will be used to serve the strawberry and spinach salad.

Also, on the plate is a long stemed rose that lights up when touched......a fun way to get the conversation started as I finish preparations for the meal.
The drinking glasses are Franciscan and used by us everyday.  Even dishes that are used daily can be enjoyed on special occasions, to prove that fine china and sterling are not necessary to set a pretty  table.

The Annalee mice that adorn the table and buffet are so cute and really make the table very whimsical.  I found the Annalee figures at TJ Max and it was love at first sighting.

I found the red heart strand of lights at Big Lots and could not resist them as the cost was so low compared to others that I had seen.  The tulips were literally in our garage and Mr. Bob was throwing them in the trash.  After a little soak in soapy water, and a little drying time, they were "good to go".  The lights add an element of softness to the room with the candle glow.

A couple of Annalee mice complete the Valentine theme for my party.

Thank you for looking and I hope to see you again soon.

Hand Painted Valentine Coffee Mugs......(cont. from yesterday)

Silly me.....did not buy pink paint !  Well, in the evening it occured that red and white paints mixed together make pink......duh!!  Yea!  Now I can begin work on my painted cup project. When painting on glass, it is important to remember to "cure" the paint after you are through painting.  Place the painted glass pieces on a tea towel lined cookie sheet and place in a cold oven, turning it on at 350 degrees.  Keep in the oven for 30 minutes.  Remove and allow to cool.  Here is a photo of the one cup that I have completely finished.

As you can see, the painting does not have to be perfect.  I simply "lifted" a couple of designs that appear in the tray to keep the theme in the right mood.  Each of the six cups will be painted differently, but with the same theme running.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have all six completed and be able to show you the set.

Anyone can paint on glass and the sky is the limit as to what you can make.  Clear glass is readily available and inexpensive at the dollar stores and other discount businesses.  If you don't feel comfortable painting free hand, then find a sketch and reduce the size to fit your needs, and simply tape in behind the glass and copy it.  Think of all the possiblities......personalized objects for your friends, party dishes, gifts for wedding and baby showers, and the list goes on, but the party never ends.

Here is a list of your painting on glass needs:

glass object
paint (enamel acrylic)
a few paint brushes
cookie sheet
tea towel

I hope this gives someone the push to try painting on glass.  It is fun and rewarding to see something pretty emerge from not very much cost or energy.

It is still very cold here with snow on the ground and no one moving about on the streets.  That means a lot of time closed in my home........time to get creative.  Today, I found some really old silk tulips in our garage that Mr. Bob was about to throw away......they did look pitiful.  However, after a bath in soapy water and a good soak in the sink, and some drying time, they looked good as new.  Last week I had purchased a set of red Valentine lights on a strand at Big Lots for a few $. (less than any I had priced)  Here is the result of purchasing the lights, and I must admit, it adds a bit of cheer to our dining room in this rather dismal weather.

Pictures tell the truth and do not less than perfect photo has a cord and plug showing on the floor that "should" be hidden behind the secretary.  Oh, well, I can fix that.  I am going to show a close up view of the top of the other little flaw....

the cord to my bargain heart lights is white and shows up much more than I had hoped.  I know of no solution for that except to paint the cord green, but that is not going to happen.  I honestly did create this floral topper from nothing so I am pleased with the total vision it helps to set.

Thank you for stopping by to visit and God Bless You !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, So Many Hearts

Today is the day I hand paint my Dollar Tree coffee mugs that I plan to use for my Valentine dinner party.  The glass cups are made by Libby in the USA.  Coffee is a "must" to serve with the cupcakes and chocolate strawberries dessert.   I bought a tray at Ross....cute little rectangular tray with interesting hearts decorating it.  The tray cost about four dollars.  These hearts will be my inspiration for painting the cups.

 pattern I will be copying

 glass coffee mug from Dollar Tree, paint, and brushes

 glass coffee mug

Now I am ready to set up my painting station and begin to paint.  The paint is an enamel type of  acrylic paint available at Hobby Lobby or any type of craft shop. The paint is a clean up with soap and water.  It is probably okay to paint up close the rim where lips touch the cup, but I choose not to do be on the safe side. I would hate to poison my guests......although it says it is safe.  After painting, I fold a tea towel and place it on a cookie sheet, then set the mugs on top of the towel. Place the cookie sheet in a cold oven and turn on to 350 degrees and bake the mugs for 30 minutes.  Allow to cool.  The paint is now set on the glass and will withstand many washings by hand.  Do not put  in the dishwasher.

True to my personality, I "forgot" to buy the pink paint.......and NOW we have a bundle of snow and ice today.  This is no time to make a run to the craft store. I am safely inside my home for the duration of the ice. I will be waiting until it thaws a bit to complete the mugs.  Tomorrow is another day, as I always say, and maybe a completion will happen then...........and maybe not.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Some of my favortie things.......Annalee dolls

Last week I was out and about scouting my stores that I like to "keep up" with the new merchandise that arrives weekly and found two Annalee 10 inch mice all dressed in their best for Valentine's Day.  As Annalee dolls can be pricey, I was thrilled to see this pair sitting on a shelf waiting for a home.  They just happened to be less than half price in this chain discount store. 

The next photo is a close up of the girl mouse......dressed in her sheer red organza dress with the flocked velvet hearts and matching hair bow.

The loving little mice have inspired me to have a dinner party on Valentine's day for four dear people.  One couple who will be attending live in our neighborhood  and my parents...the SENIORS of the group, (ages 94 and 91)
It will be fun creating a special menu to make this a festive and memorable occasion.  This will be continued as I progress with the plans.  Please, stay tuned for the table decorations, tablescape, favors, and some items that I plan to make.  Thanks for reading the very first page of my new blog and be forgiving as I learn to make this more perfect and readable.  I guess we all have to start somewhere, and this is my "somewhere".