Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love of Shell Pink Glass

I am participating in  my first Pink Saturday this week.  Click on the Pink Saturday button in the side bar and be carried away to a real treat!  Thanks for hosting this fun event!!

Being rather new to blogging, I have been visiting around and meeting wonderful new friends and viewing their blogs.  One day I stumbled on a blog with the Shell Pink Milk Glass which I truthfully had never seen before.  I learned that it was made by the Jeannette Glass Company for only two years and then discontinued.  It was manufactured in 1958 and junior and senior year in high school.  Looking in the mirror, and thinking back that far in time, puts it all in clear view.  At any rate, I immediately fell in love with this glass and started to collect that very day I discovered it.  That is why my 91 year old mom refers to me as "instcollector"....which simply put means "instant collector".

Here is the piece that arrived yesterday via an Ebay seller.  It is a covered compote with an intricate design.

The shell pink is the most delicate pink on earth. 

Here is my new Shell Pink Compote in a spring tablescape.  Hopefully, you can see how delicate the pink color really is.....just a glimmer of pink.  I think it is heavenly.

Thanks for allowing me to join in on this wonderful "pink" event and I look forward to meeting each of you as the weeks go along.  Have a wonderful week ahead and stop by for a sip of tea.........Tea Party Everyday...........why not!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yellow Lemons.......and "blueberry"

I will be linking to Tablescape Thursday at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch.  Thank you, Susan, for hosting this event each week and allowing each of us to join in the FUN!  Click on the Thursday Tablescape link on the side of the page and be transported to a beautiful experience of tablescapes.     

Today is dreary, misty, and actually quite wintery looking.  You would never know that we have been experiencing spring-like weather up until now.  I am a  person who has to live with color around me as it does affect my mood.  My tablescape today is the result of this miserable grey day outside.

I love blue and white and absolute favorites of all times .....followed by pink.  Lemons seem to be a "happy fruit" to me, maybe, because of their sunny yellow hue.  Setting my table with these elements, plus a few of my favorite things, should perk me right up!

The lemon tree is from Italy and is 45 years old.....I know because my mom gave it to me when my first child was born.  I told you I have always adored "yellow" you know that is really true.

The dishes are by Royal Doulton, "Blueberry".  These were given away at my Albertson's grocery store a couple of years ago with purchase, and I knew the minute that my eyes made contact, these dishes had "my" name on them.  My daughter told me that several years ago this pattern was for sale in Dillard's china department.  Perhaps, it was not a big ticket item, and the result was to sell the inventory to the supermarket chain.  I honestly do not know how they ended up at my market, but I am ever so happy they did!

I placed the dinner plate in the off-white wooden charger from Pier 1 and then added the salad plate.  Next, I placed a clear Depression glass plate to hold the cobalt stem for our dessert.  The pattern is called Oysters and Pearls.  I bought them early on in our marriage at an antique shop and have had them for more than 40 years. 

The beautiful cobalt blue sherbet stem is a treasure that has been in my collection for years.  One of my mom's very dear friends gave to me all of her stems which happened to be a wedding present to her in the mid 1930's.  They are by Cambridge Glass Co. and the pattern name is Tally Ho.  The color is referred to as Royal Blue which was only produced for about 8 years.  It has to be the most beautiful blue in the world!  I was told that this pattern is difficult to collect but worth the effort.  I have 8 waters and 8 sherbets.  It would be such fun to add to my collection!

This view of the cobalt stem is from above.......

I have always adored this set of cobalt crystal!  The color is fabulous and the clear stems are so interestingly shaped.

The cloche looks as if it is leaning to the left but is not.   I suppose it is my skills, or lack thereof, in photography that caused it.  Enclosed in the clear glass cloche is a gold metal bird that actually held 
Saccharin tablets before Sweet and Low was produced in little packets.  Saccharin has been around for 100 years.   Those holders are becoming very collectible now.  I can remember my grandmother having an elaborate Saccharin holder on her table.  I think hers was sterling silver with tiny tongs .  The tablets were teeny and difficult to pick up.

The yellow basket filled with Lemons is Venetian glass.

The napkins are white trimmed in yellow rick-rack and the napkin rings are teapots and teacups in blue and white design.  I have no idea where I got them.

The yellow Daisy Mums were purchased at the grocery store.

The 45 inch by 45 inch linen cut work tablecloth was purchased on the last day of a local estate sale for half price.

The placemats match the dishes and were made by Royal Doulton which is amazing as they are vinyl.  Practical they are, indeed, but sort of shocking that they were not made in linen.

My husband and I just finished our dinner at this tablescape.  I was so busy preparing the meal that I did not take any photos, but we had Green Pepper Beef, Wild Rice, Strawberry Spinach Salad,  (store bought rolls) and the yummiest Strawberries with light cream for dessert.  Mr. B commented that all the sunny yellow did brighten a dreary day for him, too.

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Have a great week and until next time.......Tea Party Everyday......why not?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Many Vases.....(unique floral arranger)

This is my first time to post on Metamorphosis Monday

I will be linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch.  Just click on her button and be transported  to enjoy all the creative posts by other bloggers.  Thanks, Susan, for hosting this fun blog party!

In a previous post I had mentioned about owning this unique floral arranger and promised to show you how it works.  I honestly do not recall where I found mine, but I checked today and QVC has a 7 vase similar to this one that is new on their items to sell.  It does not seem to have the base that mine has. It is a great vase to own as it is so easy to arrange a centerpiece quickly and is very versatile.  All you do is cut the stems of the flowers the same length, add water and place flower in a vase.

The vases are actually in three sections.  The base consists of  18 small vases glued together at angles.  Each little vase is approximately 2 and 3/4 inches tall.  They are glued using a strong clear glue.

Here I show you the 5 inch round circle of glass that rests in the middle of the base to hold the top portion which is made up of 7 of the same size small vases . 

If you study the photo carefully, you will see that three vases form the base of the topper portion and then three vases attach to the base three and then one single vase in the center for the top.  I am going to add more photos so you can see different angles.

Here is the photo of it all assembled and the top is resting on the 5 inch circle of glass that is positioned on the base. 

This is a picture of how I used it for my St. Patrick's Day table.  Note that I only used the base for this arrangement. 

The five inch circle of glass allows you to place a decorative object into the center of the floral arrangement if you choose not to use the top portion of the vase. 

I hope you like this idea.  Several of my readers asked if I would tell about this vase of many vases.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by to visit.  It is always such fun for me to read your comments and get to know you a little better.  Come back any time and............

Have a great week and until next time.......Tea Party Everyday......why not?