Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As Time Goes By (teaparty in miniature for Tablescape Thursday)

Many years ago while snooping in an antique shop here in my city, I discovered a treasure, at least, one to me.  Across the dusty industrial type warehouse where this dealer kept his recent buys from Europe, my eyes spied a real keepsake.  After winding my way over to this "find" and examining it, I turned to the dealer and inquired about the price.  Wow.....a shock, for sure was the price.  How could something so small cost so much?  (I know you are laughing, as we have all been in that moment.) I knew in my heart that this was to be mine, but I had to get a plan going quickly.  I was a young mother with two little ones at home and did not have a lot of extra cash on hand.  However, I had a few antique things that might interest the dealer, and we worked out a trade plus the money that I did have.  After reading this post, you will know how I came up with the name for my new blog, Tea Party Everyday.

Here is the child's toy table from England that cast a spell over me.

The table is 9 inches long, 7 and 1/2 inches wide, and 6 and 1/2 inches tall.  I think it is made of mahogany wood .  Note the detail, including the skirt around the table top.  In my mind, I picture a father or a loving grandfather with vast knowlege of carpentry building this for a loved little girl.  I have no idea of the age of the "find" but I have owned it 38 years and it was considered an antique (by the price) when I purchased it.

Every lovely table deserves a nice tablecloth for special parties.  This vintage ecru cloth was found in a flea market "as is" and I have always wondered its original use. 

The table is set for a tea party using the best that I have in miniature form. 

The white charger with the gold rim is by Reutter from Germany.  Also, Reuter made the cream soup bowl and plate.  The flatware is not sterling but rather a pewter type metal with simple pattern.

The centerpiece is a collection of time pieces that I have collected.  I chose them to reflect the theme of the tea party, "As Time Goes By".  The china clock in the center is an Occupied Japan piece.  The aniversary clock and the French clock are estate finds but I don't believe them to be very old.

Note the times on the clock faces....each different.

The mahogany tea cart belonged to my daughter as a child, and it actually lives in her doll house which will be another story someday.  The china candlelabra by Reutter from Germany.  The cake was made for her doll house years ago, and although it appears yummy, it is probably a little stale.  The brass candlestick is one of a pair .  The chocolate cake is of the same vintage as the other dessert.

The little pewter compote, in the upper right of photo, is truly an antique from the 1930's.  I would imagine not many tiny objects like this survive time, as they are so easily lost.  The cutwork detail in the compote is very delicate.  The condiment set is also made of pewter but not very old.  The two vase like bottles are Limoges porcelain, and the yellow rose is hand formed.   I know you are wondering about the tomato soup cans........LOL....remember the soup bowls have a design of a tomato on them, also.  Tomato soup has always played an important role in my life.  When I was a little girl, my mom made me homemade tomato soup each time that I was sick.  And it became my favorite soup of all times.  My 91 year old mom makes the most delicious tomato soup in the universe!  While traveling on a river cruise in Europe with them four years ago, our ship docked in this quaint little German town, and we strolled to the downtown shops.  I found, to my delight, a store that was dedicated to miniatures and particularly Ruetter.  When I spotted the tomato china in a display case, I saw "my name" written all over it.  My mom teased me about buying it, but I am so happy that I did..........funny how memories are preserved !!!

The vinegar and oil cruets are from Germany and so are the tea pot, creamer and sugar, all made by Reutter.

If you look closely, you can see M. I. Hummel ( Maria Innocentia Hummel) etched in gold around the top of the teacup.

I wanted you to see where my tablescape "lives".

While taking photos of the tablescape, Mr. B. walks by and says, "That is cute, where do you keep it?"  I looked at him in the living room where it has been for 38 years.  MEN

I hope you enjoyed the "As Time Goes By" tea party and will visit again.  There is always a touch of fantasy in my world.  Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Visits from the Stork (Antique postcards featuring storks)

I have loved dolls since my childhood and especially baby dolls.  My love affair with dolls began early in life, and the dolls were like real babies to me.  Each dolly had a name, and I do recall loving little Maggie so much.  She slept in my doll buggy along with my cat Mickey.  "He" was a handsome black and white feline of mixed varieties but nevertheless, a gorgeous creature!  One day, I went to the doll buggy to pick up Maggie (the dolly) and was I surprised to see Mickey in the buggy with six baby kittens.  Wow.....that is when I learned a little about life.  Not knowing or understanding the event taking place, I picked up Mickey (the cat) and wonderously "she" had a baby kitten in my hand.  Needless to say, I changed Mickey's name to Mickie.  This was my first experience with a visit from the stork.

This story is true and I feel certain it is one of the reasons that I became a doll artist.  For the last five years, I have been creating newborn type baby dolls.  The name of my little nursery is Storkland Special Deliveries.  Knowing that I love to collect, you will not be surprised that I started collecting antique postcards with storks on them.  The postcards date from around 1900 to about 1912, and the artwork is priceless in my mind.  I love the art, the colors, the themes, the postmark dates, and many times the message written on the back of the postcard.  Loving to decorate for parties, I have used the postcards in various ways for many baby showers and presentations of my dolls.

Note the foot of the stork is rocking the cradle.

I am thinking this card is not as old as some of the others, but cute.

Don't you just love how the mother and father's hands are reaching out to welcome
the new little baby!

In each postcard the stork is always featured so lovingly with the baby.

This is my favorite in the collection!  Mrs. Stork appears to be offering her sympathy.

The logo of my doll nursery.

Please, feel free to visit my little website and linger to view some of the dolls that I have created.  I could never add pictures all the dolls I have made.  The "stork" has visited the nursery numerous times and he and I have become dedicated friends.  Luckily, a lot of hands have reached out to buy some of my dolls.  The stork and the doll artisit have a bond that hopefully will continue for many more years!

I am so happy you stopped by for a visit and I hope to see you again soon.  Please, sign up to follow my blog.