Monday, April 25, 2011

You Are Beautiful, Lillian Camile (dolly)

Today I am sharing this post with Sunday's Favorites.   I have to add that I am presently making a new doll for a special order from one of the ladies who was present at the presentation I gave.  You will read about that near the end of the story. 

Lillian Camile is not a real little girl, but a baby doll that I created from a sculpt by Laura Tuzio-Ross.  She is a very limited edition of only 500, and her number is #279, making her most special.  Each of the 500 sculpts were done by individual doll artists around the world, so no two dolls will ever look alike as each doll artist has her/his own interpretation and levels of artistry.  Lillian Camile is supposed to represent a toddler doll.  She can stand along and be posed in different positions. 

Although Lillian is for sale on my website, she has taken up residence in my 1880 Victorian cradle.  I have loved seeing her in the cradle dressed in her cut velvet ruby dress with matching headband.  And I would have been perfectly content for her to continue to live there.  However...............

A neighbor of mine has asked me to be the guest speaker at their annual Mother and Daughter Dinner .  It is a part of their church activities each year in honor of Mother's Day.    She wants me to share my doll making with them and show some of the dolls that I have made.  There is a problem .......I have sold every doll I have ever made except "Hattie", made for myself, and Lillian Camile who is for sale. 

This is "Hattie Mae" .  She sleeps all the time in the 1880's cradle. 

After I retired from teaching little ones in public schools, I did not need to add to my list of hobbies and collecting.  Doll artistry just "fell" into my lap.  And it became a passion for me instantly. 

"The way to get good is to get interested. The way to get great is to get downright fascinated and passionate. Imagine being completely intrigued, and so passionate about something that you simply can't get too much of it. When you can do that in some particular field of expertise or endeavour, you can accomplish anything you choose to accomplish in that area."
Ralph Marston

Both babies will be going to the Mother/Daughter Dinner to be on display while I give my little talk about how I got started making dolls.  I thought I would  share with my blogging friends some darling  baby dolls that I have made along the way in the last five years .

This was a custom order this past Christmas.  As you can see from the photos, my dolls get nothing but the best of everything!



"Mabry June"

These are a few examples of my dolls.  Each doll takes me about 3 weeks to complete.  Each baby has mouth blown glass eyes from Germany and hand rooted angora mohair, rooted one hair at a time.  It takes me a week just to root the doll's hair.......truly, a labor of love.

I do want to share that sometimes the media portrays doll artists as eccentric old ladies who act as if their dolls are alive and take them out in public and talk to them.  That is not the case with me, and please, understand that I only make the dolls for the artistic qualities.....such as one would paint a canvas to hang on the wall and admire.  The dolls are art objects just the same as beautiful china is displayed in our homes, so are my dolls.   It breaks my heart that some people just do not understand this!  I have met some very famous doll artists in Orlando, Florida at the International Doll Shows, and I can assure you that none of them are "goofy".....just an exclusive group of talented artists who happen to love creating dolls. 

I hope that you enjoyed an insight to a few of my dolls and feel my passion to be as good at my craft as I can possibly be.

At the Mother/ Daughter Dinner, I will take photos and share the evening with you next week. 

Thanks for stopping by and oh, how I wish I could serve you a cup of tea and offer you some little cakes......maybe next time.....until then, have a wonderful week and remember to have a ........

Tea Party Everyday!