Sunday, March 27, 2011

Many Vases.....(unique floral arranger)

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In a previous post I had mentioned about owning this unique floral arranger and promised to show you how it works.  I honestly do not recall where I found mine, but I checked today and QVC has a 7 vase similar to this one that is new on their items to sell.  It does not seem to have the base that mine has. It is a great vase to own as it is so easy to arrange a centerpiece quickly and is very versatile.  All you do is cut the stems of the flowers the same length, add water and place flower in a vase.

The vases are actually in three sections.  The base consists of  18 small vases glued together at angles.  Each little vase is approximately 2 and 3/4 inches tall.  They are glued using a strong clear glue.

Here I show you the 5 inch round circle of glass that rests in the middle of the base to hold the top portion which is made up of 7 of the same size small vases . 

If you study the photo carefully, you will see that three vases form the base of the topper portion and then three vases attach to the base three and then one single vase in the center for the top.  I am going to add more photos so you can see different angles.

Here is the photo of it all assembled and the top is resting on the 5 inch circle of glass that is positioned on the base. 

This is a picture of how I used it for my St. Patrick's Day table.  Note that I only used the base for this arrangement. 

The five inch circle of glass allows you to place a decorative object into the center of the floral arrangement if you choose not to use the top portion of the vase. 

I hope you like this idea.  Several of my readers asked if I would tell about this vase of many vases.

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Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

I have never seen anything like this! How unique and clever. Makes a beautiful arrangement!

mo said...

Hi Phyllis,

Wow! This is fabulous! What a great post and a wonderful idea...I see it with of course...roses in each bottle.

I am catching up to my comments and thank you for your patience.

The header shown at the web page:

Is indeed there but it is white and it blends with the white background of the page.

If you select the entire page it will highlight the header and it will be visible for you.

Your blog looks stunning!

I must say *blush*



A Vintage Vine said...

WOW...that is so perfect for spring flowers etc....I am bookmarking this!

mississippi artist said...

I have one of these. It is also great to use for rooting lots of cuttings.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady. I love this and yes this would be Great for spring flowers ~~~ Thanks so much for becoming one of my newest followers on my Tablescapes so sweet. Have a great Evening.