Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, So Many Hearts

Today is the day I hand paint my Dollar Tree coffee mugs that I plan to use for my Valentine dinner party.  The glass cups are made by Libby in the USA.  Coffee is a "must" to serve with the cupcakes and chocolate strawberries dessert.   I bought a tray at Ross....cute little rectangular tray with interesting hearts decorating it.  The tray cost about four dollars.  These hearts will be my inspiration for painting the cups.

 pattern I will be copying

 glass coffee mug from Dollar Tree, paint, and brushes

 glass coffee mug

Now I am ready to set up my painting station and begin to paint.  The paint is an enamel type of  acrylic paint available at Hobby Lobby or any type of craft shop. The paint is a clean up with soap and water.  It is probably okay to paint up close the rim where lips touch the cup, but I choose not to do this......to be on the safe side. I would hate to poison my guests......although it says it is safe.  After painting, I fold a tea towel and place it on a cookie sheet, then set the mugs on top of the towel. Place the cookie sheet in a cold oven and turn on to 350 degrees and bake the mugs for 30 minutes.  Allow to cool.  The paint is now set on the glass and will withstand many washings by hand.  Do not put  in the dishwasher.

True to my personality, I "forgot" to buy the pink paint.......and NOW we have a bundle of snow and ice today.  This is no time to make a run to the craft store. I am safely inside my home for the duration of the ice. I will be waiting until it thaws a bit to complete the mugs.  Tomorrow is another day, as I always say, and maybe a completion will happen then...........and maybe not.

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