Friday, February 4, 2011

Painted Coffee Cups for Valentine's Day (completed)

Several days ago I started this project of painting clear glass coffee mugs from the Dollar Tree.  Today I finally finished the project and wanted to share with you the final outcome of my labors.  Actually, the cups are easy to paint and a joy to use.  Also, you have something unique to serve your guests their coffee or hot tea that could never be produced exactly like these......not even by myself. 

Remember I told you that I started with a tray that I purchased at Ross discount store for about four dollars.  The clear glass cups were purchased for one dollar each, making the grand total of about ten dollars for the entire project.  Now if you have to purchase paint and brushes, the cost would be more, but I have all of these supplies.

The patterns that I painted on the cups came from the heart patterns in my tray.  I just copied some of the designs onto the cups. And you do not have to be perfect in your painting.  I read one time that the Victorian quilters always made a mistake on purpose in each quilt they made, to give glory and honor to the Lord as only HE could make something perfect.  That has long since my own motto. 

a closer view of the pattern on the tray

supplies that you will need

paints that you will need

cup one

cup two

cup three

cup four

cup five

cup six

complete set of mugs on tray

Remember to bake on a tea towel lined cookie sheet when finished in a cold over heated to 350 degrees
for thirty minutes.

Now all I have to do is wait until my party on February 14, 2011 and pour steaming hot coffee into the mugs to serve with my cupcakes, strawberries and chocolate fondue.  Yum.....I just adore Valentine's Day!!

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Angela McInnis said...

Dear Phyllis,
I love this idea! Why, your guests will be "gaga" over those cute cups! And I love Ross...I ALWAYS find something there. Once I found a Pier 1 shower curtain there for $8...oh, happy day! I am honored that you visited and enjoyed my blog. Please, come back soon...also, I am now your newest Follower!!

Denise said...

Those coffee mugs look suspiciously like Irish Coffee mugs to me! They are darling. Wish I had your talent. I'd get the stuff and make them in a heart beat. Maybe, maybe . . . Naw, I couldn't do it. But yours look super.

SavannahGranny said...

These mugs are so cute and you are so artistic. I may try to do this. You made it look easy but I am sure mine won't be as pretty.
Did you mean to heat the oven, turn it off and then let the cups bake 30 Min. I was a little confused about the baking.
I hope you will post your fondue party.
Thanks for following me. Hugs, Ginger

Entertaining Women said...

Wonderful glass painting...I enjoy designing painted glasses, too! Thanks for following my blog. As you have time, I hope that you'll stroll through my archived posts. I try to include tips in most of them. Hey, we're neighbors! I'm at the other end of the H. E. Bailey. Cherry Kay