Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hand Painted Valentine Coffee Mugs......(cont. from yesterday)

Silly me.....did not buy pink paint !  Well, in the evening it occured that red and white paints mixed together make pink......duh!!  Yea!  Now I can begin work on my painted cup project. When painting on glass, it is important to remember to "cure" the paint after you are through painting.  Place the painted glass pieces on a tea towel lined cookie sheet and place in a cold oven, turning it on at 350 degrees.  Keep in the oven for 30 minutes.  Remove and allow to cool.  Here is a photo of the one cup that I have completely finished.

As you can see, the painting does not have to be perfect.  I simply "lifted" a couple of designs that appear in the tray to keep the theme in the right mood.  Each of the six cups will be painted differently, but with the same theme running.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have all six completed and be able to show you the set.

Anyone can paint on glass and the sky is the limit as to what you can make.  Clear glass is readily available and inexpensive at the dollar stores and other discount businesses.  If you don't feel comfortable painting free hand, then find a sketch and reduce the size to fit your needs, and simply tape in behind the glass and copy it.  Think of all the possiblities......personalized objects for your friends, party dishes, gifts for wedding and baby showers, and the list goes on, but the party never ends.

Here is a list of your painting on glass needs:

glass object
paint (enamel acrylic)
a few paint brushes
cookie sheet
tea towel

I hope this gives someone the push to try painting on glass.  It is fun and rewarding to see something pretty emerge from not very much cost or energy.

It is still very cold here with snow on the ground and no one moving about on the streets.  That means a lot of time closed in my home........time to get creative.  Today, I found some really old silk tulips in our garage that Mr. Bob was about to throw away......they did look pitiful.  However, after a bath in soapy water and a good soak in the sink, and some drying time, they looked good as new.  Last week I had purchased a set of red Valentine lights on a strand at Big Lots for a few $. (less than any I had priced)  Here is the result of purchasing the lights, and I must admit, it adds a bit of cheer to our dining room in this rather dismal weather.

Pictures tell the truth and do not less than perfect photo has a cord and plug showing on the floor that "should" be hidden behind the secretary.  Oh, well, I can fix that.  I am going to show a close up view of the top of the other little flaw....

the cord to my bargain heart lights is white and shows up much more than I had hoped.  I know of no solution for that except to paint the cord green, but that is not going to happen.  I honestly did create this floral topper from nothing so I am pleased with the total vision it helps to set.

Thank you for stopping by to visit and God Bless You !

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