Monday, May 9, 2011

The Gift from Aunt Hattie

My dear Aunt Hattie was born in 1898 in Texas.  She was born to my paternal grandparents, Charlie and Mattie Hudson.  Her two older sisters died in early childhood, making her the oldest girl in her family of ten children.


My dad came along in 1916, and Aunt Hattie was a girl of 18 years of age.  She took care of the younger children, and my dad thought of her as a second mom.  Everyone loved Hattie.  She was fun to be around and loved life. 
She did not marry until later in her life but collected pretty things to use "someday". 

My aunt Hattie never had children of her own, and she always loved me as her own.  Each summer I would visit her for a week or two at a time.  She would open up her cedar chest and allow me to play with her German bisque doll.  I know that no other little girl ever got to play with "the doll".  It was my baby to care for on each visit in her home.

THE doll is another story to be told at another time.

Aunt Hattie gave my mom her beautiful Johnson Brother's Castle on the Lake china the year before she left this earth.  It is a beautiful set of pink/red with the romantic castle on the lake and delicate flowers decorating the edges of the dishes.  Johnson Brothers made this china pattern from 1939 to 1970 in three color combinations, pink/red, blue, brown/multi.  She had purchased it soon after it was introduced so it is very old.  The set consists of 10 place settings and a lot of serving pieces.

I have always loved this pattern, being somewhat of a dreamer, I think it fits my personality just perfectly.   Last week my mom opened up the china cabinet and handed me a plate.  While holding it, she asked me if I would like to take the Castle on the Lake home with me and call it my own.  Well, to own this set of china would be a treasure!

My eyes started to fill with nostalgic tears, remembering all the beautiful times my dear aunt and I had shared.  Visions of romantic castles on the lake, classical music playing in my ears, dreams of childhood
flooded my soul all at the same time, over-whelming me!

Needless to tell you, I brought the set of china home, and I can hardly wait to use it in my dining room with the cranberry painted walls.  I think my pink milk class collection will be a most delicate addition to enhance Aunt Hattie's china. 

Yes, the Castles on the Lake may now be mine, but not really, as it will always belong to my precious Aunt Hattie and her memory.  I will just be the caretaker of it until time comes to pass it on. 

Thank you, my precious auntie, from the bottom of my heart for your "GIFT" of love and your influence in my life.

Thanks for stopping by and oh, how I wish I could serve you a cup of tea and offer you some little cakes......maybe next time.....until then, have a wonderful week and remember to have a ........

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh blogger is acting up today I wrote a comment and it disappeared. I love the pink milk glass. I had an aunt Hattie also. I would love to be there and help you drag the dress form down from the attic. Someone left a comment that they used fabric and spray starch to alter there form. Hope you post when you get it done


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh I'm sure she would be so pleased. My dream is that one day my grandgirls will be just as delighted with the memories of me and love at the table when they carry home some of my dishes to call their own.

Susan said...

That is a lovely plate that holds special memories. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Such a special dish your mother gifted you with and such wonderful memories of your sweet Aunt Hattie. (I'm planning a post about my Pink Tower Spode china soon). Funny but I had an Aunt Hattie also, tho I never met her ~ I wouldn't think that name is too common, would you? And I grew up in Waco til '66. Nice to see that is where your special pram was purchased.

Thanks so much for following me ~ I'm your newest follower, too, so I'll never miss another of your posts. I'm so happy that you added my Wedding Blog Party button to your sidebar to help spread the word! Can't wait to see what you share at the party! I've added your name twice into the giveaway basket already and you'll earn another entry when we all link up the day of the party!!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Farica said...

Thank you for visiting my blog earlier. I'm now your latest follower! LOVE your precious. Beautiful dishes, and love your blog!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What gorgeous dishes. Everything is going to look so beautiful together.

Jocelyn @