Saturday, October 29, 2011

Daughter's Vintage Doll House

A precious sight is a miniature doll house that has been lovingly preserved through the years. I found this photo on Pinterest and was drawn to it.   This treasure was most certainly the prized possession of a little girl long ago.  I can only visualize how much such a doll house may have enriched the child's life!

This image certainly sparks my imagination; however, knowing nothing about the photo, other than it is a true treasure, I can only look closely at the photograph and "imagine" the story.  Most likely, the parents had it made especially for the little girl. The tiny house could have been an exact replica of the family home. Perhaps, it was a Christmas gift or a special birthday present.  Judging from the elaborate details and furnishings, down to the clothes hanging on the line, it was handmade and no expense was spared.

The carriage house is one of my favorite details with the flag flying proudly and the dog's home setting on the lawn.  Note the window boxes on the windows with "blooming" flowers. 

My daughter, Patrice, as a young girl wanted a doll house as she always adored anything in miniature.....and still does after all these years. 

If memory serves me correctly, Patrice was 7 years old in this photo.  She received the doll house for her fifth birthday, so we had been collecting and furnishing for a couple of years at the time.  This photo was made 38 years ago, and she told me that seeing it again, made her feel "old".

Patrice made an executive decision early on about the life in her doll house.  There would be "bears" to live and reside there, no dolls.  I think that is only because she was a child who loved her stuffed animals beyond measure and valued their presence in her life.  The other major decision is that it would be Christmas "everyday" in her doll house .  Who could dispute those decisions........some really fun stuff could take place there!!!.....everyday was THE special day of Christ's birth. Note that the baby bear is reading a true Victorian era Christmas card that says, " Glory ye in His holy name." Ps. 105:3.  We found the miniature Christmas card in an antique shop and of course, it was perfect for her doll house. 

In this photo, her grandmother Hance crocheted the bedspread and tatted the canopy for the bed.  A family friend knitted the little green rug and gifted the china Siamese cat to her as a house-warming present.  I made the petti-point pillow that bride doll bear doll is resting her head on..........and yes, of course, bears living in the house have "bear dolls".

In the above photo you get a view of the mahogany dresser with the bowl of yarn and Learn to Knit book.  We were knitting at the time so this applied to our lives.  The cameos attached to blue velvet ribbon were gifts to me from a friend who had visited Italy.  One of the sterling backs broke off the earring, so we utilized the pair for a wall decoration.

....and what home would be complete without an aquarium for little fish to entertain the occupants.

Baby bear is reading a Christmas card which is an antique miniature piece of Victoriana decorated with lovely holly and a Bible verse......."Glory ye in His holy name." Ps. 105:3,

I have suddenly realized that I will have to write the story of Patrice's Doll House in "chapters".  Please check back in for chapters of each room and details about the items collected.

Thank you for your visit, and I value comments from you.  It allows me to get to know my visitors.  Until next time, I hope your life is a "Tea Party Everyday"!......ya'll come back!


Claudia said...

What a lovely memory! The dollhouse is just beautiful. Does your daughter still have it? It would be a wonderful thing to pass along to children and grandchildren. Thank you for stopping by!


Alittlefrenchloven said...

Hi Phyllis, Thanks for your sweet comment, you made my night! It took about a week (a few hours a day) to complete the ruffled shower curtain. Although it tired me out and took several hours I would make another, for a beginner I think I did ok. =) Your post reminded me of my dollhouse, which is in my parents garage. I think I'll have to pay them a visit to pick it up.


Oh sweet lady, such marvelous and sweet memories you have of your lovely Patrice and her doll house. The mini house is a treasure, I love it and the tiny things along with the tiny bears now, impressive! Now, does your daughter have a daughter too, or not? Thank you so much for sharing this treasure you and your daughter share. Thank you for your lovely visit, I am very grateful. Have a nice week. FABBY