Tuesday, March 1, 2011

High Tea at Tea Party Everyday

I am linking to Tablescape Thursday over at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch......click on the icon on the right of the page and be transported there to enjoy so many beautiful tablescapes! 

Thank you, Susan, for hosting this event each week!!!

Actually, coffee has always held more of an attraction for me than tea, but tea parties are just so much fun!   A tea party is an excuse to get together with some friends and loved ones, visit, eat some goodies, and use some of the items I have been collecting over the years.  It is also a time to dress a little better than my usual attire of casual wear......you know, tee shirts, jeans and such!  Speaking about excuses, it is eases my mind to spend money on a few fresh flowers to dress the tea cart as that is a necessity and  money well spent in my opinion.  Fresh cut flowers just make a room come alive with a vibrant glow of color and life!  I adore roses, roses, and more roses......any color.

Today I have been busy polishing the silver pieces that I have neglected during the holidays and then did not even think of during the entire month of January.  And I almost let February slip by without polishing the silver, also.   You will laugh, and be a little surprised, but I really love to use the silver polish and see the true silver emerge from the grunge of the tarnish.  It is the one household chore that I like to do when I have time.  And in the end. when all the pieces are gleaming, I can see the rewards of my work. 

Years ago, and I do mean years ago, I purchased this silver plated Victorian floral holder on a pedestal with beautifully decorated grid to hold the stems of the flowers in the arrangement.  The idea behind the floral container is brilliant and almost fool proof in the art of arranging fresh cut flowers.  I know this type of container has a "name" but at the moment I cannot recall it.  If any of you know, please, let me know as it will drive me nuts until I think of it.

You can see the "frog" built into the lid .


Note the pedestal base.


I made a trip to the floral center in one of our local grocery stores and found just the perfect flowers to set the mood for the tea party......pale pink roses, soft green hydrangeas, and delicate baby's breath.
As you can see, the stems of the flowers were cut short, about three to four inches long, and placed into the frog on the lid.  It is so easy to arrange flowers in this manner.  I suppose the Victorian ladies loved
this idea........anyone could be a floral designer.
The pale pink roses reminded me of the apple blossoms on my Theodore Haviland  "Apple Blossom" china.  The blooms on the china are so very pastel and dreamily seem to drift into the plates. 

I chose to use the salad plates for the little party and the cocktail forks with the hearts (purchased at TM) that I used for Valentine's Day would be perfect to eat the German Fruitcake.  Yummy!  Note the linen bridge cloth with the exact shade of pale pink of the roses and the apple blossoms delicately cross-stitched into the fabric.  The spreader knives match the forks and are also from TM.  They are displayed in a miniature wine cooler which I purchased years ago at an estate sale.  Actually, I bought a pair of them and normally use  for mini florals on my tablescapes.


German Butter Fruit Cake (I did NOT make this) but rather bought at bakery.  Most of the time I do make my food to serve my guests, but not this party.  Time is a bit of a problem and no one will care;  I hope.

The Scottish Shortbread tastes as good as it looks!  I will be buying more of this to keep on hand.

I love cheese straws and have a great recipe.  These are made with bleu cheese and are so different!  The Bleu Cheese Straws are on a silver tray that was a wedding present 47 years ago.  The tray is by Wallace and the pattern is  "Larkspur."   The giver of this lovely silver keepsake has since departed this life, and it means a lot to me to use items such as this and remember that person in a loving way.


The tea cart was an estate find several years ago, and I do not know how I lived without it.  It is so useful and extends the serving area while entertaining.  The two sides are a drop leaf and the glass shelf below pulls out to make a serving tray.  When using the cart for salads or desserts, it can be rolled close to the dining table for easy serving. 

The silver tea service (only tray and teapot pictured) was a gift from my aunt and uncle who never had children and spoiled me.  I will not be serving a traditional tea today but rather my mom's recipe for Hot Almond Tea that she has made for over 65 years.  It is so distinctive and everyone seems to love it.  She does not share her recipe for this tea, but someday, I will share it quietly with you........"shhhhhhhhh", (with pointer finger to my lips) that is, if you promise never, never to tell anyone.  


The tea table is ready for my guests and I hear Millini Magnolia barking.......that means only one thing, the doorbell is going to ring. 

Thank you for visiting today, and I wish I could serve you a cup of tea.......that would be so much fun to actually meet my friends who drop by.    Have a great week and until next time.......Tea Party Everyday......why not?


Meredith said...

I love your china and all your silver pieces! Your centerpiece is really lovely.

Lori Lucas said...

This is elegant and simply beautiful. I love the details of every single piece. Wonderful post. Lori L

Martha said...

A pretty tea table - the food looks yummy and I have two of those centerpieces which I do adore and had forgotten about -- I'll have to use one for my next party.

Marigene said...

How beautiful your tea table is...I am intrigued by that flower vase. I love the china pattern, so femininely delicate looking.

Entertaining Women said...

Theodore Haviland set such a benchmark for himself with the Apple Blossom design. It's always so special. You and I design with much the same sensibility. I would love for us to be able to collaborate on a tablescape. I think that we would make a great team. I like to polish silver, too...and I like to iron the vintage linens on a quiet day at home...both are wonderful contemplative exercises. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design and for stopping by my post. Please, come visit often. Cherry Kay

Southerncook said...

Thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet comment on my blog and for visiting. BTW, I have another grand daughter on the way, June 24. My own daughters first baby and we are getting very anxious now as you can imagine.

Your tea table is absolutely beautiful. I wish I knew what the centerpiece was called and like you there must be a name for it??? I have never seen one before and would love to have one. I was just at an antique show last weekend with several silver dealers there but saw nothing like it. I will keep my eyes open for one.

I am now one of your followers. LOVE your blog.

Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

April said...

We will be RIGHT over! (: It all looks so lovely and elegant--and delicious!
And all those beautiful dreamy florals. . . Wow.
Happy Thursday!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Phyllis, yes, I would love to have tea with my blogging friends too! Your house would be very interesting to visit--you have the neatest things! I have never seen the victorian flower frog, or, if I did, I did not realize what it was. It certainly is very effective at holding the flowers. And your tea tray from your last post may not be good for your grandsons, but I would enjoy it! I like your porcelain powder doll. There are just so many interesting things on your posts--I really enjoy coming here. Linda

Jo said...

Hey Phylis, OMGoodness your china and silver is incredible!..And I'm with you on the tea/coffee, I do love me some coffee(prefer).
Your tea cart is beautiful!

Hey Phylis, I am your newest follower, thank you for visiting LazyonLoblolly, and your comment is so apprciated, and YES! you are welcome anytime, so glad to meet you, come on back to the top porch, Friends are always welcome.Come back for a visit and follow too.whoo hooo!!

Tricia said...

Oh, I'm so glad you commented on my Texas Independence Day table so I could find your lovely blog! I really enjoyed this post, seeing your wonderful silver and Haviland china. Thank you for your kind offer of a copy of the Texas Declaration of Independence! I didn't see a way to e-mail you, but my e-mail is pht@hot.rr.com

xinex said...

Your tea cart is so elegant, Phyllis. I love all your silver pieces especially the vase and the tray. Love your dishes too. And the pastries, mmmm...delicious!...Christine

xinex said...

Your tea cart is so elegant, Phyllis. I love all your silver pieces especially the vase and the tray. Love your dishes too. And the pastries, mmmm...delicious!...Christine

Jackie said...

Wow! Your tea party is stunning.

Kathleen said...

Such lovely china! The whole tea is beautiful, love the frog, and of course the roses!
lovely post!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I have never seen a floral container like that! Gorgeous...as is your tablescape!

Marlis said...

I cherish your visit and thank you much for your very kind comments. This service is exquisite! I'm enchanted by the lovely table covering. That matches the china so well. Your floral arrangement is wonderful. I love that piece. Oh my. I have to find one of those somewhere. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post with us.

Jacqueline said...

What a lovely and delicious tea. Your silver is just exquisite, so much detail it is amazing. I am just sick that I gave my teacart away before I started blogging. I would love to have it back.

I agree, it would be wonderful to get to meet everyone.

I know what you mean about the yellow goblets, I could only find six and would love more too. Good luck in your hunting.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Wow! Everything is gorgeous. What beautiful things you have. Your photos are so magazine worthy. Thank you for swinging by to say hello. hugs ~lynne~

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Wow, so pretty! Lovin' your flower frog vase thingy-enjoy:@)

Tess said...

This is just beautiful...every piece is gorgeous and so elegant! Your silver is amazing and I'm with you...I love to polish my silver as well-something to do with instant gratification!!

I'm sure your guest has an elegant and wonderful time. Truly a gorgeous setting!

Magpies and Magnolias said...

May I send my tarnished silver to you? Actually, once I finally get started working on that project, I don't really mind it too much. Kind of like ironing. The hard part is getting started. A body at rest remains at rest...

Everything turned out to be so beautiful. I am sure your guests felt very special!

Kay Ellen said...

so pretty!!

Very beautiful~~love your china and tea setting :))
thank for your kind comment on my blog~~love having kindred spirits in the tea & china love world!!

Kay Ellen

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What an exceptionally lovely tea party! I love your silver flower vase and frog. This is all so beautiful.


Thank you for visitting me, and for the lovey comment, but yes, you're right, material things are very pretty, they are feast to our eyes...but where the real beauty lays is where LOVE is and we have been so very happy for the first 36 years. Hope God grant us happiness like you and even your parents, 71 years!!! God bless you both and your dear parents.
I'm going to make the comment on your post in my next comment space!


Here I am again Phillys! How gorgeous everything is, I love your silver, your silver center piece all arranged so beautifully really makes you table look so elegant. I love silver even if I have to clean it, when I start I can't stop! Your wedding tray is such a pretty and nice gift, I love it and your tea cart was a great find, I can imagin it's so practical and perfect for serving anything around your dinner table...wish I was going to your house for tea! Everything from the china to all is perfect!


Terri said...

Hi Phyllis!

Thanks for the tip about the green glass.... I googled sandwich glass and there it was.... Couldn't help but notice that you are a retired first grade teacher... I taught second grade for 20 years before becoming a site coordinator and now a facilitator. Still work with the little ones but have an office, a telephone, and a LUNCH BREAK! Thanks for visiting!

mississippi artist said...

This is just so beautiful, the tea cart is lovely.I am now folloing.