Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Wearln' o' the Green"

I am linking to Tablescape Thursday over at Susan's Between Naps on the on the icon on the right of the page and be transported there to enjoy so many beautiful tablescapes! 

Thank you, Susan, for hosting this event each week!!!

One day recently I was searching on the computer for Irish sayings.  I found this little poem or song.

Oh, Paddy, dear, an' did ye hear the news that's goin' round?
The shamrock is forbid by law to grow on Irish ground!
No more St. Patrick's Day we'll keep, his colour can't be seen,
For there's a cruel law agin' the Wearin' o' the green.
~Author Unknown

When law can stop the blades of grass from growin' as they grow,
An' when the leaves in summer time their color dare not show,
Then I will change the color, too, I wear in my caubeen;
But till that day, plaise God, I'll stick to the Wearin' o' the Green.
~Author Unknown

Later in the morning I drove downtown to an antique mall to browse around as I had not one thing (so I thought) for a St. Patrick's Day tablescape.   I have been collecting white milk glass goblets for some time and thought I might find a new one to add to my collection.
As I was about to leave the mall, I asked the manager/owner of the mall if he had any items for St. Patrick's Day.  He thought for a moment and replied that he did have a vintage decanter somewhere in a box as he had seen it recently.  My hopes were ignited and asked him to please look for it as I continued to shop. 

In just a few minutes he came bearing this great old spirits decanter with a Leprechaun on it and some writing.  To my astonishment, the poem/song I had just read before leaving home was printed on the bottle! 

As you know by now, this 1968 Weller decanter will be my inspiration  piece for the St. Patrick's Day dinner that I will be sharing with some friends.  Of course, we all think of green now my plans are falling into place.

The gleaming white porcelain and 24K gold add a shimmer that is lovely.  And I forgot to tell you that I only paid $3.00 for the decanter and found exactly the same one on Ebay starting at $48.00.

Mr. Piggy loves to attend parties in the casual dining area  (actually, the breakfast room) but casual dining room sounds better to me.  He is sporting a new kerchief that I found in the dollar spot at Target.
 Don't you just love it when things fall easily into place!

I found this miniature English bone china cup and saucer complete with its own little stand on the top shelf of the built-in bookcase beside our bed.  It was a huge surprise to me as I had forgotten I had this.  Now you KNOW that I do not dust on the top shelf very often.....well, I am not very tall, and I cannot see dust "up there" !  This was an estate sale find.

Setting the table I used two place mats that I found at Kohl's on the 40% off  rack....a round one with cute shamrocks that is woven straw and the rectangular one of quilted green fabric.  I liked the contrast of the different shades of green.

On the placemats I layered a white ironstone plate from TJ Maxx that was on sale for $3.00. On top of the white plate, I added the Italian pottery leaf from Ross that was on sale, also, for $3.00.  The votive candle holder is a DS find for one  dollar.  The cute bread plate is from TJM and a set of four for only $4.99.  The greenish yellow flatware was a bargain from Ross for  $14.99 for four place settings.

The little white basket is from TJM and has the sweetest little shamrocks on the bottom of the basket.  I filled it with one of my Wasabi Peas by hapi snacks available at Target.

The napkins rings are white ironstone from the same antique shop as the decanter....a set of 12 for not much cheap, and the napkins from Kohl's sale.

I am loving the white milk glass goblets that I have been collecting.  This one is the quilt pattern.  Each goblet is different as I thought this would be fun to talk about at the table.

This short chunky little glass has been waiting in the backfield for a party to attend.  It is part of a set of eight that I have owned for years.  The leaves are grape leaves but shhhhhhhhhhh......we will not tell the Leprechauns.

Looking closely at the flowers in the green mums and white altermera.

The base of the centerpiece is a buy from online shopping many years ago.  It is a neat concept of many tiny clear glass vases glued together in a circle.  It has a round piece of glass cut to fit the opening at the top of the vases and allows a focal point to rest in the center, and the flowers in the tiny vases form a wreath around the displayed object.  It would be so easy to copy.  Look closely and you can see a couple of the vases that are glued at angles.  This next week I will dismantle the floral arrangement and post photos of it if any of your are interested in the project.

I am just about ready to entertain a couple who live down the street from us.

The menu is not finalized yet, but I know that I will be serving Creamy Onion Soup for starters topped with green onion tops.

I wanted you to see the table with the candles lighted. 

Now, all I have left to do is start cooking.  I am so happy you dropped by today, and as always, it is so much fun to have the company and read your comment. 

Have a great week and until next time.......Tea Party Everyday......why not?



I love, love your whole St Patty's's gorgeous! What great bargains you've found! I love the bone china plates, the Weller decanter is terrific and what a price! I love the charger with the shemrocks and the dishes you chose, it's stunning the whole table! That little basket is adorable, it reminds me of ones we used to make in our ceramic factory many year ago.
Come visit me, I'll be thrilled to have you!

Deb S. said...

WOW! It was fate that brought that decanter to you. This tablescape is wonderful from end to end! The flowers and flatware are my FAVES!!! Just beautiful!

Kathleen said...

Love all your Irish touches, including Paddy the Pig! :) Hope you will link this up to my 3rd annual Blog Crawl on Mar 15th. I'd love to have you join!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh your greens are so pretty! Love your vintage decanter and all the fun little shammrock touches. I'll be watching for the closer look at that wonderful centerpiece.

Marigene said...

Love your SPD table, Mr. Piggy looks great in green! Your milk glass stemware is lovely, especially the quilt patterned one.


Thank you sooo very much for your comment lovely lady...boy, how I truly wish I could have you over for real!!.. and make something for you to honour such an impressive guest! I guess all we can do is what Bill does, he virtually invited me to his amazing table and had my name in it, so maybe next time I'll have you for sure! God bless you my virtual friend.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' your fun festive table! I'm sure you and your guests had a great time! Beautiful stained glass, and of course I noticed Mr. Piggy-enjoy:@)

Entertaining Women said...

I've never seen a table full of amazing bargains come together more seamlessly than this one. You did an amazing job! Your use of the double placemats is very effective! Thank you for sharing your wonderful design. Cherry Kay

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

That decanter is STUNNING! What a gorgeous table. I'm starting to hyperventilate with fear over this year's dinner since I'm not at all ready, it seems so early this year, plus we lose an hour. Awk! Wish I had you to help me.

mississippi artist said...

This is the best ST.Paddy's table I have seen. I love everything about it. The decanter is beyond cute. I love how you klayered the placemats!---Vickie

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Hi Phyllis, I was reading your little Irish ditty at the beginning of your post and thinking that I have a decanter with that on it. Of course, I scrolled down and found that you had just bought the same decanter that is currently on my fireplace mantel! You have great taste! For somebody who didn't have any St. Pat's decor, you sure set a wonderful table for the holiday. Loving those placemats! And your shamrock tea cup and saucer are so pretty. That square salad plate is delightful, and your centerpiece is beautiful. I really enjoyed your pretty scape. laurie

Tess said...

Pretty special table for not having anything for st. patrick's day table. Very pretty!!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

What a pretty St.Patricks day table scape! I love your floral centerpiece and that wonderful decanter! Those placemats are adorable. Don't worry ,I won't tell the leprechauns about your grapes glasses, I bet they won't even notice. LOL! Cute,cute!

Angela McInnis said...

Hi, Phyllis! Your table is so festive. I can't wait for you to dismantle and show us the base for the floral innovative! Thank you for stopping by and visiting. I love your blog!